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During your stay at Les Olivettes, there are several ways to do something for your health as well.

Of course, we have a fantastic large swimming pool, which has magnesium/salt water: a gift for your skin, hair and bones. And, no wasps!

If you want to be a little more athletic: from June 2024 onwards, there is also the possibility of using the gym in the pool house. If you are into yoga or pilates, we can book you a yoga or pilates teacher.

After you have exerted yourself, you may need a massage. We can schedule a massage at Les Olivettes for you (classical massage, reiki, shiatsu and Kobido). It is advisable to make this known at the time of your reservation so that you are (almost) assured of your treatment.

Of course you also come to Provence to enjoy all the beautiful food products this region has to offer; it really is the fruit and vegetable garden of France. All seasonal produce and sun-ripened. And how nice is it to cook these during a cooking class and then eat your prepared dishes with a nice glass of wine.

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